PLEASE NOTE that I accept new female clients only. I will also accept new male clients if they come referred by a current client, professional, or friend.

Ashiatsu is a luxuriously deep and even-pressured massage that uses the therapist's body weight to press, sweep, swirl, and relax the muscles. The therapist's clean, soft feet provide a large and contoured surface for deep, compressive, gliding strokes over the whole body. Imagine deep, broad, sustained pressure that isn't pokey and painful- that's Ashi. Clients say they can't even tell that the therapist is using her feet- you get the same silky smooth feel, but with deeper and more even pressure. This type of massage is especially effective for athletes and those with chronic back pain.         


60 min - $70 

90 min - $100         (Optional: free 30min nap on table following massage)   

2 hours - $130       (Most popular and highly recommended)

3 hours - $200       (restrictions apply; must be in excellent physical condition)

Packages and first-timer deals available - see Deals page above.


Gift Certificates available! 

Appointments available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Sometimes evening and weekend sessions are available.

Cancellation Policy: cancellations or no-shows made with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a 50% of service fee. Showing up late will result in a deduction in time by the amount of minutes that he/she is late AND full-price fee.